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A Badge, A Gun, But No God

The Problems With Policing in America

The author, a law officer with over thirty-three years, offers an honest dissection of the American police system, all while dealing with his fair share of discrimination as a black man. Despite the hardships, the author emphasizes the values that all officers must showcase. On the other hand, he examines the widespread problems within the system as he proposes potential solutions that could better the structure in the future.

"The Danger of Sunday Worship," authored by Hilton Napoleon

Discover the hidden truth about the Sabbath Day in Hilton Napoleon's eye-opening book, "The Danger of Sunday Worship: Come out of Her My People." Raised in Sunday tradition, Napoleon embarks on a transformative journey, exploring scripture, history, and prophecy to unveil the real Lord's Day. Challenge your beliefs, question tradition, and awaken to the significance of honoring the Sabbath as God intended. Your faith will never be the same.

"If you're looking for the answer as to why it's important to honor the Sabbath, this book can certainly give you the answers and more."